kultúra és nyelv

  • Kultúra és nyelv (angol)
    Part I.  Eisteddfod: A Cultural Competition The idea of the Eisteddfod is very ancient. It began as a challenge from the Norman invasion of Britain. Unfortunately much of the population of Wales was forced under Norman rule. But luckily the coming of the ...
    2003. március 26.
  • Kultúra és nyelv (angol)
    Wales - an introduction Wales is not a big country. It has a maximum length of 140 miles (225 km) and is 100 miles (160 km) across at its widest. It is a mountainous country because around one quarter of the land is above 1,000ft (304 m) and in the north ...
    2003. március 13.
  • Wales 3.
    Nézzünk még néhány érdekességet Wales-ről. Először A leghosszabb helységnévvel ismerkedhetünk meg: The world's longest railroad station name is in Wales. Though trains do not stop there any more and the village is now passed by the main highway to the ...
    2003. május 19.